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    This is a directory of web-sites that offer a range of opinion from some of the many individual atheist thinkers, writers and activists currently working towards the full establishment of rationalist, humanist, secularist, non-sectarian conduct of human affairs.
    Never before has it been possible to read and spread these ideas free of the traditional censorship of the religious themselves or the politicians and media that are too craven to break their suppression of atheism.
    For them to be effective and for religion to be relegated to its only rightful place, as a private activity for consenting adults in the privacy of their own homes and places of worship, we must grasp this new medium of communication and promote the widest possible range of atheist views .

     Confused? New to atheism?  - Definitions & Guide - (subject Index)

     Video Links Watch some of the great new videos on aspects of atheism - from the 'gurus' and others -  many under 5 minutes for a few starters click here


    Secton 1 - Serious discussion

    Organisations, Journals and Topics old and new - from well know , current activists and anonymous writers.

    e.g. Quotations Galore and Famous Freethinkers

    Section 2 - Fun

    Anything for a laugh -  Humour, Debunking, Verse, Songs, Cartoons -

    e.g. Coward, Lennon, Dan Barker, Traditional & Videos

Confused? See Definitions & Index

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