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Latest Must-See  Additions - UK Atheist

Pat Condell


from famous freethinkers on religion


famous Comedians on religion



Excellent six part series on

'atheism for beginners'

Larry Rhodes



Brian Flemming's film on youTube

The God Who Wasn't There



Friendly Dictators



UK Amateur collection :-

from Godfree4me


Religion & Tyranny


Promises, Promises

'hard sell' advert for religion


Jesus Camp Reply


20 Things Not to Believe Before Breakfast

God-Mother's ID

The possibilities of ID - if only it was intelligent

Elephant in the Room

How ignoring the causes of a problem stifle its solution

Illicit Sex and the God Machine

How religious doctrine has distorted attitudes to sex & sexuality

The Burnings

Two short videos on the superstitions that underlie attitudes to women

The Burnings part 2

Pity the Poor Believer

The status of religions as 'good' and 'true' is gradually being seen for what it is, bunkum.


At 9+ minutes this is the longest video here. It is based on the hidden history of women freethinkers - celebrated in the book

Women Without Superstition "No Gods, No Masters" by A.L Gaylor

see also


The TV video compilation (about 25 minutes) is available for 5.50 p&p inc.

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video clips from famous freethinkers

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Richard Dawkins The Root of Evil



Christopher Hitchins - God is not Great



Jonathan Miller - Brief History of Disbelief



Sam  Harris at Idea City 'o5


Daniel Dennett


Or search by name


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Search by name on youTube  e.g. -

Eddie Izzard on religion

George Carlin on religion

Marcus Brigstock

Rowan Atkinsonon on religion

Penn & Teller  - Religion is Bulshit