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These are independent web-sites that offer a range of opinion from some of the many atheist thinkers, writers and activists currently contributing to public debate.Most have no print resources of their own, and rely on your interest and willingness to use, link and publicise this site whenever possible. Feedback to

           National Secular Society London Feminist Freetthinkers Meetup Group
British Humanist Association Council of Ex Muslims & One Law for All
Black Atheist Meetup Group
Latest Addition:  JEREMY BENTHAM - A Prophet of Secularism
 2011 Conway Memorial Lecture by Professor Philip Schofield - Available from South Poace Ethical Society
97 RELIGION,  MACHISMO & WOMEN 98. Zeitgeist 2007 - A must see film - on line
95 - Science and Islam : a response 96. Zeitgeist  Info. for those unable to view on-line
93 - Concordat Watch - Vatican Politics 94  - Accommodating Religion in Schools?

91  - Secular Peace-Workshop

92 Freedom From Religion Foundation

90. LATEST - Margaret Knight's  'Morals Without Religion' and other writings -

87. Greetings Cards for Free-thinkers and Sceptics Atheist, Feminists and Peace Activists   

Boffin Productions Scientists, Mathematicians

Google - 'Darwin Fish'  for stickers, badges etc.

89. Workshop3  Discussion Papers on a   wide  range of  secular humanist  Issue
88.   -    references for atheists

86. youTube - Brilliant Atheist Videos Dawkins, Harris, Dennet & Miller - see Here for more video links

84. The Best of Barbara Smoker 85. South Place Ethical Society & Ethical Record
82 Life's Rational Meaning & Purpose 83.   Bertrand Russell - Essays

 81. The hidden history of women freethinkers of the 18th - 20th Centuries

79.  Reason Lost by AC Grayling 

      More information, papers and articles HERE

80.Foundation for Reason & Science

New Richard Dawkins Website and Forum

77 The Dangers of Moderate Religion  - Sam Harris at Idea City '05

78.      Richard Dawkins   - Video

                 'The Root of All Evil?'

75  The Dangers of Gerin Oil Addiction 76.  The Bible - on the love and compassion of god!
73. Lists of Famous Freethinkers 74. Keep up to date with NSS Newsline

 71.   The role of religion in the success of Hitler and Stalin CLICK

70.  Heart of the Beholder - trailer how the American Dream became the Holy Nightmare

68.    The Invisibles

 69. Passion for Reason -

66. UK Organisations & Journals

67. Skeptics Annotatable Bible/ Quran

64.  Wise Words & Buybull Quotes-

collections of quotations from many sources

65.  Links on Science & the Threats from Religious Academies, ID  & Creationism

62.  Campaign for Secular Education

63. German Church Tax - A relic of Hitler's Concordat

60. Valinda's Atheism Links Page


58. The Miracle of Religion!               

    A neat little site - to the point 

59.  1 Chance 1 Lifetime -

                       Make it a good one

56.   'Our Pagan Christmas' by R.J.Condon Forword by Barbara Smoker

57.  Quotations from Jonathan Miller's series  

54.  -The Causes of Anti Semitism -

1) A critique of the Bible 2) Exerpts

55. Joe Sommer's  easy to use site, good material, concise articles

53. 'Atheist Perspectives' A series of booklets on belief, and the reactionary role of religion on health nd welfare, education, science & gender and sex issues .

'A Theory of Belief' ,'The Role of Religion in Education', A Challenge to Religion on Health & Illicit Sex and the God Machine.'
51. 'closetatheist' Sadly no longer being updated 52. Atheism - on  Wikipedia
49. Resources for Independent Thinking

50.  Butterfliesandwheels

47.  Subscribe to NEWSLINE for up to date news and information on secularist issues. and information

48.  The REAL reasons why the religions are against homosexuality and same sex relationships

 46. Teresa of Calcutta FOUR Web-sites that expose the reality of the Albanian nun who was neither mother or saint - From Christopher Hitchins, Sanal Edamaruku, Aroup Chattergee and fully referenced encyclopedia .

44.     Now Have a Laugh

45.  Clarry's Home Page

43.  Thomas Paine (wikipedia) Google for many other excellent sites.

41.   Australian Public Schools Support ......          Bad news from Os

42. Free secular/humanist promotional materials for printing and distributing

40.Children and Religion - It is part of religious mythology that religion is good for children, this is very far from the truth. CLICK (Give a minute to download the graphics!)
 39. Proposal for an International Memorial Day to commemorate all those who have died as a result of religion. Resolution to IHEU and the British Secular and Humanist organisationsAs at December 2005, no response has been made to this suggestion from any UK organisation.
37. The Dangers of Gerin Oil Addiction


 another excellent American site


34. 'The Roots of Sexism in Religion'

Cruelty, prejudice and discrimination against women starts with the religious notion that they are inferior to men.

 35. Shaw @ FreeUK - where atheism/ politics/ feminism meet A series of short essays with brief précis

32.  'Freethoughtfirefighters' Another excellent site 'funny and serious'  33. More Good Stuff, bible quotes etc. including the skeptics dictionary and skeptics annotated bible
31. For some of the many sites on his writings Google Search - 'Richard Dawkins'

 31. Don't let the title put you off. It is clear and interesting

Ontogeny and Phylogeny

29. From  Humanists of Muslim Origin      Institute for the Secularisation of Islamic Society

30. Use for easy searching 'Robert Ingersoll' for this great American


19. Martin Luther - Anti-Semite

16.   Debunking Myths and Religious disinformation 

(More debunking sites on 'Fun')

17.Contribute to the many message boards on

14.  An Alternative Secular Site!

 15. Feedback Please - I welcome comment


13.  Council for Secular Humanism (A US Site)

10.   "The Edge"

11.  Steven Carr's Home Page 

8.  Feedback Submission on Radio 4 bias 9.  The Atheism Web
6.  American Humanist Association (AHA) 7. Christian Children Raising Hell: Stalin And Hitler
4   5,  The Puritan Witchfinders of 17th Century East Anglia - Hopkins and Sterne - History Exposed.

3.Atheism Central for Secondary Schools

Help and general support for atheist students attending religious studies courses in secondary schools in the United Kingdom

2)Topical      Trick or Treat at Halloween?
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