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    Who said atheism/secularism/humanism had to be 'serious' dull and boring?

    Here are some independent web-sites that will give you a good laugh. Sites by some of the many atheist writers and activists currently using humour against the tide of superstitious nonsense that continues to cause so much conflict and distress the world over.

    Enjoy yourself here then pass them on...........

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James Randi - arch skeptic and debunker of superstitions  The Blingdom of God

Video needs broadband Links have been moved to a separate page - see here

35) 'I Will Survive'   very funny Jesus Video



For Stuffists everywhere

 34)    Songs -  words and clips - from Dan Barkers -

'Friendly Neighborhood Atheist' 

32) LOL with the Raving Atheist

33) Poems  by  Patrick McManus 'BRICKS'
Collection by Sue Mayer 'TRANSIENCE'

30) More..More..More. Cartoons - Noel Coward~~~ John Lennon~~~ Tom Lehrer ~~~ 'Is Hell Hot or Cold?'

Respect & Free Speech Cartoon for BBC Today Programme

31) 'Freethought Radio' A welcome addition to the growing number of  sites for your entertainment
The Invisible Pink Unicorn 29) Original 'Secularsites' Humour Web-Page
26) "Where the Worthwhile Worship"......

27) New Collection - The Verses of an Atheist Woman - Includes 'Pity the Poor Believer'

25) Hear 'The Heavenly Hillbilly' on the Preacherman Site - (There's lots more good stuff too)

23)the Onion 'News Items not to Miss' 'All 7 Deadly Sins Committed At Church Bake Sale'  A Miscellany of Humour & verse as well as a link to Worldling's Christian Poetry - CLICK
Why did the Chicken Cross the Road?
New Answers to this age old question !!
21) A site with lots of funny material as well other stuff:- .............................................................................. Try this for a start, 'Americans for Purity'
19) Cyberdespot - Jokes The Philosophy of George Carlin....

18) What do YOU do to Gideon Buybulls? Ever wondered where those warning stickers came from?

a.barnet's 'atheism.labels.htm' & geocities 'missus_gumby/tract.htm' + Bookmarks !

16) What We Are - Monkeys - youTube thehappyheretic by Judith Hayes
14) Ajokes- Archive Internet Anagram Server
12) What people will believe in! Sister Taffy... sister taffy... sistertaffy
10) God Gets it Off His Chest Lots of Good Atheist Content and Quotes Page        Positiveatheism
8) The Skeptic's Dictionary by Robert T. Carroll

More Good Stuff, bible quotes etc.

9) KPW's- Letter from the nss to the dti on the rights of clergy and the difficulties of having god as an employer!
6) 7) - Well worth a visit
4) A very funny site 5)  Google  youTube Videos  from godfree4me

1) New Questions for 'Faith based' policy

How is policy to interpret Bible teaching?

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